I seek more from life than I’ve been given But I fear I will not be able to fit in.


He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. The petals weep as they see her tears Try as they may, they cannot wipe these tears away. As they watch their sibling fall They know that very soon it would be their turn. Cinderella waits calmly in the pool Ignorant … Continue reading Her

Door Knob

“Daddy please can we play another game, I’m tired of this one?” “You won’t leave this closet, at least not until we’re done.” The look in his eyes made me realize, that touching Daddy’s toy was never going to be fun.


What happens after the love of your life who has been in a coma finally wakes up?


So I know what I said. I know I swore off you but I can't help but look for you. I just wanted to catch a glimpse and I was rewarded, I saw you as I passed by and you were without your glasses. My heartbeat was as unsteady as one in a near attack, … Continue reading NOTE TO YOU (2)


Whenever I try to impress someone or gain attention, that's when my stupid cell kicks in. I make blunders that even my eyes can't see. I only notice my mistakes after they have been made. I apologize for making you one of my vessels for attention, I believe this is not completely my fault. Once … Continue reading MESSAGE IN DISGUISE (1)


Hi. Just before you ask, my name is Sarah. Yeah, the girl that waltz into your department 20 times a day. After i tell you this, you'll probably think there's an ulterior motive behind my action but the truth is that you may be right. So, here goes nothing, I like you. Wait! I am … Continue reading NOTE TO YOU (1)

Queen Ziza



Finally! It’s over. Thanks Ifeoma for this awesome story.

The Female Igbo Architect

I was so happy and couldn’t wait to tell grandma the good news. I ran into the compound and saw a police van. A police van? I stopped in my tracks, too scared to enter the house. What was a police van doing in grandma’s house?

“Mama? Mama?!” I said running into the house. When I got inside the living room, I saw grandma arms folded  and two police men standing and talking to her.
“Granny what is it? What is going on?!” I asked rushing to her side seeing that she was in distress.
“Nda your mother…your mother..your mother…” she said trailing off before hissing and shrugging.
“Ermmm madame,  we shall take our leave now. We suggest you go and see her as she named you as her next of kin. Good day” the policeman said before exiting the apartment.
When the police men had left the compound, I asked her again what the issue was.

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I wonder what happened? Could grandma be dead? Continue asap, I’m soooo curious

The Female Igbo Architect

“…and so I stabbed him with the letter opener and ran out of…” I paused when her phone rang.
“It’s your mother” she said showing me the phone screen.

“Mama please don’t tell her that I am here. Please I don’t want to go back there. Please” I begged hopelessly.
“Hello” she said into the receiver. I couldn’t hear my mum on the other end but from what I could hear, there was something about a robbery, someone going to the hospital and a police report. When mama was done with the phone call, she looked me in the eye and asked me if I was telling the truth.
“Mama, I swear, that man is a monster! See my neck” I said, showing her the faded scars on my neck and thighs.
“Your mother just called me to tell me that armed robbers attacked her husband and stabbed him. She…

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