Give mama a hug

Give her a hug. Help rid her of every worry. She might not show it but... She's hurt. She's strong but weak too. She smiles but hurts inside. A hug would do. Maybe... She might give you one too.


When I Am 25 – Introduction

Some days, I wouldn’t feel up to sharing (those would be the bad days) but in all of this there’s something I’d look forward to – when I am 25. 6 months and 34 days till my 25th birthday, the countdown is on. Who would have thought that this girl right here would be writing … Continue reading When I Am 25 – Introduction

The Light

Baby couldn't sleep because she was afraid of the boogyman. I laughed at her silliness, reminding her she was a month shy away from being 9. She cried every night, begging me to put on the light. I wanted so bad to allow Baby grow even if that meant she would cry. Tough-love was my … Continue reading The Light


Read this little piece about a cranky nanny we all have encountered one way or the other. Hi Guys! I'm sharing this little sumn sumn I wrote for a sister and friend (she's actually my sister's friend but well, you get the gist). Miss Tobi Igbenogba is a Nigerian actress that keeps coming up with … Continue reading CRANKY NANNY


I got my first guest writer to share a bit about his personal experience with love and he said, "All boys fall in love". Read his narrative from beginning to end and remember to share your thoughts as well. "Well, it’s so funny how I never realized that I could really love a girl. I … Continue reading ALL BOYS FALL IN LOVE

Too Close for Comfort

It was hard. Being stared at. She felt his glance at every breath she took. It was like he was counting every breath she sucked into her lungs. One, two, three, that’s enough. Her heart was palpitating, unresponsive to her mind. She tried to cajole it to behave, but it did what it wanted. The … Continue reading Too Close for Comfort

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, She’s Me

I miss the days when a rose was described for its bloody thorn and not its fragrance. I miss when darkness played with my mind and words seemed to flow out like the Nile. I miss having so much to say and so many ways to say it. Now it seems like I’ve grown past … Continue reading She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, She’s Me

What It Takes To Be A Good Pencil Sketch Artist

There's nothing like the feeling of fulfillment when you create something from scratch. That's what sketching is all about. It is an art of forming a bigger or smaller picture from strokes constructed with a pencil. It is not the skill of the talented ones, but the hardworking ones. In an interview with Praise Itoro … Continue reading What It Takes To Be A Good Pencil Sketch Artist

Lost but Found Rhythm

For a minute there, I thought it was over – until I heard the drum beating in my head again. It was the ritual of the voices, they were out to play. I had long forgotten the rhythm of the dance; long neglected the meaning of the music. I was a soul before the hope-suckers. … Continue reading Lost but Found Rhythm


I seek more from life than I’ve been given But I fear I will not be able to fit in.