Hi. Just before you ask, my name is Sarah. Yeah, the girl that waltz into your department 20 times a day. After i tell you this, you’ll probably think there’s an ulterior motive behind my action but the truth is that you may be right. So, here goes nothing, I like you. Wait! I am not in the creepy state of stalking you, I doubt if I have ever gotten there. I just like like you and it’s rare for me who never really likes anyone that much. You’re almost the opposite of my Mr. Right, you’re dark and not light but I do love your eyes when you’re not wearing your glasses. I don’t want to go on and on boring you with the things that make me like you cos…..a little bird said you have a girlfriend. I am a cheerleader of any good relationship so I refuse to break yours. So even if I feel like my heart has been crushed, I wish you good luck.
Your admirer,


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