Mama knows best but I know better.
I know I have tried and failed but my mistakes don’t remain the same.
Mama knows best but I will prove her wrong.
I will walk a mile on this earth and still remain tough.

“Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all”
“Not you my child, your freckles are a sore to my sight”
A champion torturer with her sword-like tongue.
My dreamy mother who I believe I should murder.

She hammered into my naive cage.
Her royal arse-sore brought my insecurities out to the surface.
I delighted in my pride but she won at last.
My efforts to be tough was broken with just one word.
I believed my freckled flaw needed to be secured.

My flaws have been masked in perfections’ light.
The tools of distortion are a wonder to me.
The wands of deception are all magically unfolding.
I sought Mama’s approval even at the detriment of my ruin.
But a frown I received. Oh how thoughtless of me!

My courage was broken and I hid from the world.
The real me was unknown but they thrilled at the sight of my mask.
My masked flaws became my identity.
I laid claim to the world’s definition of the word, beauty.
For a foe I had become to my true self.
I despised the moment I became slave to her every torment.

My face, the barbie you name your doll.
My body, the perfect fit to your Elite Magazine.
You are pleased but I am not.
I look forward to every moment behind closed doors.

I  reveal my face and disclose my flaws.
Now a transformed image I have become.
My freckles stare back at me;
my teeth gleam in a new found zeal.
For I am more than pleased with the sight of this.
A dazzling beauty staring at the mirror.

With my mask gone I see the real beauty resurface.
All I needed was one true beholder.
Me, myself and I, to behold my inner grace.

The spiral is spinning, the wheels are turning,
but stagnant I shall remain, till I admit the truth…..
Mama is wrong and everything she says is false.
She does not know best and I have been proven wrong.
QUESTION (Who represents the ‘Mama’ in your life?)


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