While she was still a young child of seven, Marylyn would just sit on her mother’s bed and stare in awe as she watched her rub her pancake and put on her jewelry. Her mom grew up on foreign soil, so she wasn’t as grounded as her father in terms of Culture and Tradition. She loved to dress the English way while her father only wore an English attire only on special occasions.

Even at the moment, on a rare Saturday where he was staying at home, he had his igbo cap on his head. Her dad intrigued her.

Her mother’s skin glowed even in the dark. She used special body lotions and moisturizers to maintain her complexion and only used branded products. I used hear my dad say to her in igbo that her parents spoilt her because she was an only child.

All that happened when Marylyn was really young and it was before her mom started attending the church in the area they relocated to. They relocated to their own house when she was eight years old.

Her mom just stopped idolizing material things. She began to do everything in moderation and that made Marylyn eager to know what had caused that change. Her mother was still determined to doll up her daughter, so that didn’t change. She was really proud of her. Her beautiful and homely mother. Sometimes, she would make wishes to Santa when she still believed he existed that he would make her just like her mother when she grew up.

Twenty-six year old Marylyn was the opposite of her mother so that wish definitely didn’t come true despite years of writing and placing it under their sky-high Christmas tree.

The sad thing was due to some strong biological genes from her mother’s side, Marylyn had inherited her grandmother’s chocolate complexion. She was the brown girl in the family. The odd one.

That was probably the reason her dad took her under his wings. She was very proud of him most of the time. The fact that he embarrassed her with his over-protectiveness sometimes made her regret being the only girl and last born. Still, her dad was very handsome.

What made him stand out even more was his faith. He was so passionate about God that his passion had rubbed off on his children and friends over the years. He had recently been ordained a Minister in their church and it would have been a great thing if only it wasn’t her dad.


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