Hello. How are you? It has been a while, hasn’t it? I can’t remember the last time we spoke or texted. Call me old fashioned if you choose but I choose to write to you, a letter. I miss you, have I told you that already? Well, I do.

Yesterday I bought myself a car even if I can’t drive yet. The car is in my garage right now and I was thinking, why not give it a spin sometime next week. I want to do that with you behind the steering wheel. You can drive, right? I know you can. As you must have figured out by now, that’s just an excuse to see you again.

I heard you were getting married and it made me remember our rendezvous last year at the Federal Palace Hotel. I do hope you remember me because you still mean the world to me. You made an unlikely impression and it is really remarkable where one night can lead. I can’t bring myself to forget that night even if you did not call me back like you promised to.

I stole a strand of your hair while you were asleep beside me, I hope you don’t mind. I’ve kept it safe inside a locket I wear around my neck so it’s closer to my heart.  Now dear don’t be scared, I am merely a harmless lover from your past. Let’s meet please, maybe I can give it back.

I read a story about a lady who killed her ex’s girlfriend last night. That was really creepy. Do not worry about me, we never dated so I will not harm your girlfriend. Oh, she’s your fiancée you say, whatever my dear.

Now back to us, did you feel the spark that electric night? You picked me up from the roadside with the rain showering heavily upon me. I was soaked to my underwear when you came like a prince in a BMW chariot to save me, a damsel of beauty. I am beautiful, aren’t I? That’s what you told me.

We hit it off like we were long time friends and then we went to a bar for a night cap.

Were we drunk? I don’t remember but into the guest room was where we wandered.

My clothes were off in an instant and you couldn’t wait to rip off yours either. So naked we were and the next thing we knew, we were off to the bed. Sleep was far from our eyes and we danced to a music of sexual desire.

But now I hear you are wandering off to be legally wedded. Are you insane or just thoughtless? I am carrying your child right here in my arms and you want to move on to another’s heart.

Mr. Stranger, I never did get your name. I told you mine but I doubt if you remember. Just so you know, for the record, I am and would forever remain your very worst unintended nightmare.

This is not a threat mail but just an innocent reminder. For your 411 Mr. Stranger, you had better think twice before you initiate a regretful mistake you will not be able to easily forget.

Your Baby Mama


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