Maybe a Happy Ending

Craving a happy life is not a sin, neither is it unrealistic. Sadly, life itself comes with a bitter doze of reality and tries to crush your dream. I live most of my life dreaming of things I wish were real but I can’t help thinking how fast reality is passing me by just because I am floating on Cloud 9.

Sometimes, when in a room with a couple of strangers or friends, events unfold and I act like I comprehend but the truth is I do not. I am probably somewhere far beyond their immediate reach, am dreaming.

Dreams of a happy ending.

Dreams of love that I haven’t found.

Dreams of children that I desire to have.

Blissful dreams that I have just realized aren’t so profound.

In that moment of woolgathering, I am compelled to get my tab and write my heart out.

The moment I begin the first paragraph and proceed to the next, I see my dreams become a reality for someone else, my fictional character.

I start with the circumstance, I move on to the conflict and then the climax, finally the conclusion. There is always a happy ending for them. At least I believe there is because I never do finish my stories. I find it hard to end them. It might be the fear of losing my characters or it might be because I have no clue how to end a story, I still don’t know mine. I might start writing in series because they are longer. But try as I may, the end would still draw near.

I always wonder, what would my end be like. Well, that’s for God to know and for me to find out when it’s time.

I close with this tonight, do not give up on your dreams but still hold on to reality. Simply find a place in between. That’s all there is from me. Good night. #Plain


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