You know that feeling you get when you are called in for a job interview after you’ve sent in your CV. You’re ecstatic that you were called in the first place, you’re probably already planning what you will wear for the interview and how much you will ask for when asked – be honest, money has become a big deal these days.

So, that’s the first reaction for some people until the D-day draws near and you start getting the nerve guest. You begin questioning your qualifications and if you are fit for the job. You go online to do more research and would probably overload your brain before you’re done and then the interviewer would probably just ask you 10% of what you’ve studied. But hey, better to be prepared than to fail to prepare yea?

So I became one of you the other day as I’ve never officially had to go for an interview since I graduated last year. I was excited that I had gotten to the face-to-face interview stage. On my way to the office, I kept imagining all the possible and impossible things that could go wrong and before I even entered the building I had already finished the interview in my head.

BE PREPARED. Research! Research! Research! I got favoured by one of the Staff who gabe me a mental boost on what to expect and she called me down a bit – I was still a nerve wreck inside. So I grabbed my smartphone the moment she left and started researching again because 60% of what she told me about the company sounded like gibberish.

BE PUNCTUAL I went up stairs when it was time for interview. Remember, be punctual because being early gave me time to calm down a bit.

BE FRIENDLY I went into the Human Resource department and greeted the Staff there. Then I sat down and my legs began to dance to a rhythm of their own. They were shaking so badly. I needed to keep myself busy so I brought out my updated CV and just kept reading it like it were some sort of novel.

BE CONFIDENT AND HUMBLE / It’s possible, trust me. Finally, it was time for you know what. I walked in, tried to answer the questions I was asked to the best of my knowledge. I asked for clarification when I didn’t comprehend what I was being asked. It was not easy but they all had smiles stamped on their faces so I was glad I wasn’t dealing with Godzilla in human clothes. I felt like I was blabbing sometimes but I kept going. It began well until…….

DRESS APPROPRIATELY I was advised not to wear a cut-off shirt for an interview. That shook me a bit because I almost started chanting “I’ve failed” in my head but then again I felt encouraged to move on and I did. Just remember not to make my mistake during your interview.

I haven’t been absolutely helpful but I’m sure you’ve learnt one or two things. My fingers are still crossed and my faith is intact because I was told I’d hear from the HR department later. Hopefully, I’d get back to you with a great news of how I’ve gotten a better job. I’m not presently unemployed but I’d love to move on to a new and challenging environment. I like waka waka, new things, excitement, growth, change, etc. I’m Plain Sarah. XOXO

Do leave your comments, I’d love to hear from you.


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