Don’t you sometimes feel like the word “I love you” has been so used that it has lost its meaning over the years? I’m sure you do but what can we do about it. It just seems like we’re doomed to the era of empty words. We can’t even use some terms to express ourselves without someone else having a misconception based on their personal belief.

We need redemption of expression! I make a lot of typographical errors because I don’t bother reading what I type until it has been posted and that way you can guarantee that I’m imperfect and really passionate about what I post. Don’t mind my mindless link between error and passion when one possibly has nothing to do with the other.

Yet again, I’m drifting. I love so many people for certain things but I’ve never been in love with the opposite sex before. Why? I don’t know. I get upset when some of them blurt out the words “I’m in love with you” even before they’ve met me. Guys and fellow men out there, please you only know the ‘social media me’and not the real me.

So let me tell you something about the real me that I always tell people, I’m annoying. I would annoy you so bad you’d wonder why we’re friends but trust me, you’ll still stick by me cos I’m just a big load of baby seeking your attention. I’m really bossy, some would say I’m a low key spoilt brat but hey, it’s your opinion. Honestly, I just want to be loved like every other warm blooded girl on earth but I want to be loved for the right reasons. We all do. Saying I love you every now and then might have made it loose its meaning but you can still show me you love me without the words. Then maybe, just maybe I’d believe you. I’m signing out right now with a mission to drift to the dream land of fairy tales and fantasyland with Westlife’s ‘More than words’ playing in my head. Earphones plugged, eyes closed, adieus amigos. 😘


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