Hello. I realize I haven’t shared anything personal in a while and today I am going to do just that. This is an experience I wish I had shared some days back but I got carried away by other events happening in my life. I am sure I have shared with you the good news about my new job. All that glitters isn’t gold, believe me. It’s not that I am regretting my  present position or that the working condition is not great, it’s just that I am too ‘ajebutter’ for Lagos traffic life.

At The Concept Group, we have this group called Rosabon Financial Service, one of the projects handled by this team is Car leasing. So, there I was on Tuesday afternoon writing a story for the campaign of this said project and I had no idea that I would soon start wishing I could also lease a car.

The need for a car is dire in my case. It is a necessity as the road that leads to Yaba is not appealing to the eyes and feet. The weather has been mean as well and when there is rain, there is filth.

So, as the day ended I picked up my bad and changed my footwear to a comfy flip flop and went on my way. I got to the car park and boarded a bus but had to wait for over an hour before it got filled. That defeated the whole point of leaving the office early to beat traffic.

A certain old woman sat beside me and I was practically sandwiched between two people in that cramped bus. Then came the traffic. We were moving at a snail pace and given my sitting condition, I was more than uncomfortable. Then the old woman beside me raised her legs to air her private part. She kept fanning the foul thing and the odor was….I choose not to recall.

I could not wait to get home at that point but to my detriment, after a long journey, I alighted from the bus at my bus-stop and landed on a muddy ground. The rain had not been kind to that ground as I felt I was on the brink of tearing up just by staring at it. My flip flops and feet were beyond recognition by the time I got home.

That experience alone made me wish I had a car or a job that was closer. As I looked forward to a new day and a new experience I began to sing a popular song by Mary-Mary. I can’t remember the title but the chorus which is ‘I just can’t give up now, I’ve come too far from where I started from. Nobody told me the road would be easy and I don’t believe he’s brought me this far to leave me’.

So, I will leave you with this today, do not give up. I won’t.

Enjoy this devotional.


Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life – a Daily Devotional


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