Hi guys. So today is day two at Concept Group and I’m already in the process of dancing to the tune of the workforce. I was given a task to contact a Print media in relations to an issue I refuse to disclose at the moment.

I started getting jittery at the thought of making a call in the midst of my colleagues, who I’m yet to be familiar with. So I was advised to go to a secluded area by my sister’s fiance. I opted for the conference room as it promises peace and quiet for the moment.

I was also advised to pick an early hour of the day when most of the Staff would be yet to resume, so I chose 8 am. Then I decided to do my own research, to surf the net. I came across several helpful sites but among the several is this particular one that I hope would help you too. I’ll only give a brief detail and it’s left for you to click on the link to get the total package. Enjoy and Learn.

                                      1. Always identify yourself at the beginning of all calls.

2. Be sensitive to the tone of your voice.

3. Think through exactly what you plan to say and discuss BEFORE you place a call.

4. Do not allow interruptions to occur during conversations.

5. Especially when leaving messages, speak clearly and slowly. 

6. Build the habit of always turning off your cell phone ringer when entering a meeting, restaurant, theater, training class, or other place

7. Always speak into the telephone receiver with an even and low tone of voice.

8. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by other activities while speaking on the telephone

For an in-depth study of these tips, go to 

I hope this helps you.




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